Parking Changes for September 2019

Parking Changes for September 2019

Development of the Northwest Science Quadrant (NWSQ) is scheduled to begin in January 2020 and will include the construction of a supplemental utility plan and a new science building.  The NWSQ site is currently occupied by parking lots “N”, “L”, and “X”, located along King Hill Road. These three lots currently provide parking for employees (~325 spaces) and commuter students (~725 spaces).  All three of these lots will close in January 2020 in order to accommodate the construction of these buildings.

In August 2019, Parking Services expects to close Lot L (commuter student parking) and the upper portion of Lot X (shared by employees and students).  At the same time, the lower section of Lot F will be converted from student to employee (Area 2) parking (~250 spaces).

Employee permit holders displaced by the closure of the upper section of Lot X will be accommodated within the newly created employee (Area 2) parking area on Lot F.  This area is located to the south the Public Safety Complex on LeDoyt Road.  The Commuter student permit parking displaced from Lot F (lower section) in August, will be relocated to Lots “C” and “K”.

While the lower section of Lot X will remain available to Commuter students during the fall semester, a new (Lot X only) parking permit will be issued to authorize their parking.

It is expected that most employees displaced from NWSQ parking areas will be accommodate either on Lot F (Area 2) or in North Garage.  Of course, some might prefer another parking location.

A new surface parking lot (Lot K) is being constructed on Discovery Drive across from the Innovation Partnership Building (IPB).  The new lot is expected to open in August 2019 and have capacity for 705 vehicles, and will be used to accommodate Commuter student permit parking.

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