Testifying at the State Capitol

Testifying at the State Capitol

Oskar Harmon, Ibrahim Elali, Kevin Claffey, Bruce Mayer and Tom Bontly after testifying at the Higher Eduction Committee on February 21, 2019. Testimony was in support of eliminating the unfunded liability attached to the fringe benefits costs on research grants.

Newsletter 12-1-17

Newsletter 12-1-17

UConn-AAUP Newsletter December 1, 2017 Highlights  Message from the President A Change in Bargaining Strategy Demands A Stronger Union Growing Your Membership: Why it’s Important, Especially Now Political Organizing The Power of Asking Questions to Build A Stronger Chapter

So you think you are a member of AAUP?

So you think you are a member of AAUP?

  Many faculty members assume that they are active members of the Chapter because the University deducts a portion of their paycheck for AAUP dues. Your title makes you part of the bargaining unit covered by the UConn-AAUP contract but it does not make you a member. One must opt in...

Save the Date: UConn-AAUP Luncheon 10/25

Save the Date: UConn-AAUP Luncheon 10/25

UConn-AAUP Luncheon 10/25/17  12 noon Storrs Student Union 331 

Latest News & Information

SEBAC Update re. State Admin. Talks 3-31-16

Gov Admin Talks/Layoffs Update FROM: Michael Bailey TO: UConn-AAUP Bargaining Unit Members DATE: 3/31/16 SUBJ: Talks with the Governor to Urge Better Choices   UConn-AAUP Colleagues, The governor’s administration has agreed to our state employee union coalition’s previous request for a meeting. We do not yet have a date, nor...

UConn-AAUP Excellence Awards 2016

(Pictured, left to right) Etan Markus, Professor, Psychology–Marie Coppola, Assistant Professor, Psychology– Hedley Freake, Professor, Nutritional Sciences–Amanda Denes, Assistant Professor, Communication–Xiuling Lu, Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences On March 28, the UConn-AAUP held the 2016 Excellence Awards honoring UConn faculty in the areas of teaching, research, and service. We honored those...

Chief Negotiator’s Blog – Session #18

Chief’s Negotiator’s Blog #18 March 23, 2016 The two bargaining teams were back at the table negotiating a successor agreement on Tuesday, March 22, 2016. Accompanying our Team was observer Adjunct Faculty member Trudi Bird. UConn-AAUP responded with proposals from the University on Faculty Governance (Department Documents), Student Evaluations of Teaching,...

State Requests to Meet With SEBAC Leadership

On March 14, 2016, the governor, through the Office of Labor Relations, formally requested to meet with the coalition of state employees union leadership to discuss “concessions in the area of pension and healthcare benefits.” SEBAC leadership responded with the following: “SEBAC Leadership is in receipt of your letter of...

Chief Negotiator’s Blog – Sessions #17 and 18

Chief’s Negotiator’s Blog #17/18 March 10, 2016 On March 6, 2016, President Herbst informed the University Senate that no new contracts would be brought to the legislature for approval this session. (The University, as the employer, submits the negotiated collective bargaining agreement to the legislature for approval, not the UConn-AAUP.)...

SEBAC Updates

Letter from SEBAC to Lisa Egan Grasso 3-17-16 Letter from Lisa Egan Grasso to SEBAC 3-14-16 3/9/16 SEBAC Response to Threats of Deeper Service Cuts and Further Layoffs   After the Governor’s State of the State address proposing cuts to vital public services which would impact UConn operations, the State...

Chief Negotiator’s Blog – Session 16

  Chief Negotiators Blog #16, March 3, 2016 Your negotiating team met with the administration from 8:30 AM – 2:00 PM on March 3, 2016 at the Depot Campus. There were two faculty observers that attended the session and we thank Suman Majumdar and Amy Kenefick-Moore for being there. The...