UConn-AAUP Leadership meets with President Designate Katsouleas

UConn-AAUP Leadership meets with President Designate Katsouleas

UConn-AAUP leadership, led by President Tom Bontly, met with President Designate Tom Katsouleas to welcome him to our campus. President Katsouleas reiterated his commitment to doubling the research capacity of UConn over the next 10 years and working with UConn-AAUP to address the unfunded pension liability drag on research funds.

E-Newsletter: May 2019

E-Newsletter: May 2019

UConn-AAUP Newsletter May 1, 2019 Highlights  May 20th Rally for a Moral Budget From the Chapater President – Tom Bontly UConn-AAUP Committe W (Women) Faculty Traveling Funding Welcome President Katsouleas

Testifying at the State Capitol

Testifying at the State Capitol

Oskar Harmon, Ibrahim Elali, Kevin Claffey, Bruce Mayer and Tom Bontly after testifying at the Higher Eduction Committee on February 21, 2019. Testimony was in support of eliminating the unfunded liability attached to the fringe benefits costs on research grants.

So you think you are a member of AAUP?

So you think you are a member of AAUP?

  Many faculty members assume that they are active members of the Chapter because the University deducts a portion of their paycheck for AAUP dues. Your title makes you part of the bargaining unit covered by the UConn-AAUP contract but it does not make you a member. One must opt in...

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Are you registered to vote?

We encourage all UConn-AAUP members to register to vote and vote on Tuesday November 8.  Register to vote online at the Secretary of the State’s website at Register to Vote Find your polling place In Connecticut, you can register to vote the same day as the election. Election Day Registration Election Day...

State of Working Connecticut 2016

Connecticut Voices for Children, an independent research and advocacy organization working to improve the lives of Connecticut’s children, released a report on the State of Working in Connecticut. The major trends in their analysis include; Unemployment has recovered for whites and college-educated workers, but not for workers of color and...

Slots Still Available for the 2016-2017 Representatives Assembly

The UConn-AAUP Chapter invites member nominations and self-nominations for available positions on the UConn-AAUP Representatives Assembly.  We seek a wide diversity of UConn-AAUP members from different disciplines, points of view, and status of employment to represent their departments/units.  According to the By-Laws, the duties of a representative are as follows:...

Update on UConn Admin. Pay Raises

7/11 As reported in the Connecticut Mirror on July 8, 2016 CT Mirror 7-8-16 Bowing to pressure from legislative leaders, University of Connecticut President Susan Herbst late Friday announced three top staff members who have received hefty, multi-year pay raises or bonuses will forgo part of those increases. “These employees are critical to the...

Contract Extension Agreement

As per Connecticut State Statute 527a, UConn-AAUP and the UCONN Administration came to agreement on the terms for an extension to the collective bargaining agreement. The agreement was approved by the Board of Trustees at the June 29, 2016 meeting. Those terms include extending all provisions of the expiring contract at...

2016 AAUP Annual Meeting: Censure and Sanction Actions

Faculty members and staff from the UConn-AAUP attended the 102nd Annual meeting of the AAUP in Washington, DC. Among other business, the delegation voted on imposing censure at two universities and removed censure from another two colleges. Most notably, censure was removed from Grove City College (Pennsylvania) having been initially...

SEBAC Ltr to Legislators re. Layoff Misrepresentation

The attached letter has been sent to the legislative leadership in both chambers to correct a misrepresentation that SEBAC turned down an offer from the state administration that would have avoided or reduced the layoff of public service workers. No such offer was made to SEBAC leadership by the administration.

Chief Negotiator’s Blog Session #19

April 28, 2016 For the first time in over one month, UConn-AAUP and the administration met on April 26, 2016 for three hours of negotiations. We made several attempts to secure other negotiating dates during the months of March and April without success. Thanks go out to Professor Trudi Bird...