August 24 The faculty member shall submit the completed PTR form to the Department Head after signing it to indicate approval. Tenured faculty may withdraw from promotion consideration at any time. Prior to the Provost’s decision, a faculty member may withdraw from early tenure and promotion consideration without prejudice to a future tenure and promotion application. Requests for withdrawal should be in writing.
October 1 The Departmental PTR Committee shall report its recommendations and appraisals with supporting evidence in writing to the Department Head. If, in any case, the Committee’s recommendation is not unanimous, its report shall include the dissenting opinions with supporting data.
October 15 The Department Head shall transmit to the Dean of the school/college his/her recommendations for promotion, tenure and reappointment, together with those of the Departmental PTR Advisory Committee, the supporting data, and dissenting opinions. When neither the Committee nor the head recommends a promotion that has been considered, no recommendation need be transmitted to the Dean unless specifically requested by the faculty member or the Dean.
November 16 The Dean shall inform the Department Head and the faculty member of the recommendations to be made by the Advisory Council and the Dean regarding the faculty member.   In case of a negative recommendation, the notification shall be in writing with reasons, if either the faculty member or the Dean so wishes.
November 30 The Dean shall transmit to the Provost his/her recommendations and those of the Advisory Council, the Department Head and the Department Advisory Committee, together with supporting data and any dissenting opinions. When recommendations differ, it is important to include a statement of the reasons for the Dean’s recommendations.
December 1 to January 11 Provost’s PTR Committee members review dossiers.



January 14 Provost’s PTR Committee meets and selects cases for discussion with the Deans.


January 15 & January 25 Deans and Department Heads meet individually with the Provost’s PTR Review Committee to provide input and discuss dossiers within their specific school/college.
Week of January 28 Provost meets with individual faculty members whose dossiers are being referred to the Faculty Review Board (FRB) and meets separately with the FRB to discuss negative recommendations and asks for review and advice.
March/April 2019 The Provost submits recommendations to the Board of Trustees for approval at its final spring semester meeting.


April/May 2019

(Meeting date not yet determined)

Following Board of Trustees approval, the Provost sends confirmation letters to individual faculty members who have been promoted or awarded tenure.


Exhibit B

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