Chief Negotiator’s Blog/Negotiation Updates

July 15, 2015

Before and during contract negotiations with the University Administration, we will provide frequent updates via the Chief Negotiator’s Blog. More information will be provided as the process moves along.

In preparation for negotiations, the University Administration has put an a Request for Proposals in seeking outside legal counsel to “provide consultation and representation in connection with negotiating a successor collective bargaining agreement between the University and the UConn-Storrs Chapter of the American Association of University Professors (“AAUP”)”. In addition, the University administration has appointed staff from the Office of Staff and Labor Relations to the University bargaining team. This is a cause for concern as the University administration have never brought in outside legal counsel to negotiate a contract with AAUP. Additionally it is a concern that no academics will be present on the University’s bargaining team as matters of workload, appointments, & working conditions are considered.

We will request more information related to the outside counsel once a firm has been contracted.

Link to the RFP: Outside Counsel RFP


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