UConn-AAUP/BoT and SEBAC Agreements Ratified


Dear Members and Colleagues:

On behalf of the UConn-AAUP, we are pleased to report the results of the vote on the 2017–2021 collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with the UConn Board of Trustees and the 2017 SEBAC agreement.

With an overwhelming majority of 94.7%, you approved a new collective bargaining agreement with 931 yes votes to 52 no votes. Yesterday, the Board of Trustees met in a special session and voted to approve the same agreement.

In a similar vote for the SEBAC agreement, you have voted a 93.9% majority with 908 yes votes and 59 no votes. Dan Livingston, Chief Negotiator for the SEBAC agreement, reported unanimous approval of the agreement by the 15 bargaining representatives for the coalition.

Both agreements are now in a package before the legislature for approval. It has been reported that the legislature is having difficulty reaching an agreement on a budget and that it may be later this month before a budget is passed. We encourage the legislature to approve our CBA and the changes to the SEBAC agreement, with all due haste. The sooner SEBAC is approved, the greater the savings to the state and the easier it should be to resolve the impasse over the budget.

We all understand this was not an easy vote for you to cast, but it was necessary to continue the stability of the pension and health care plans that are so important to you and your families. Your vote also secured salary increases in the out years that quite possibly may not have been achieved any other way.

We would like to congratulate and thank those members of the negotiating team for their time and effort in reaching this agreement. They are Tom Peters, Gene Salorio, Suman Majumdar, Evelyn Simien, Amy Kenefick Moore, Kelly Dennis, Larry Renfro and Chris Vials.

We ask you for two things. First, contact your legislator and encourage them to reach agreement on a budget and pass the CBA/SEBAC agreements. Second, READ YOUR CONTRACT. We have made significant improvements to the agreement and it needs to be enforced. If you have any questions with the new language or encounter what appears to be inconsistent practice by the administration, please contact your assembly representative or the UConn-AAUP office.


Thomas Bontly             Thomas J. Peters         Oskar Harmon              Michael Bailey

President                        Vice President              Treasurer                        Executive Director

For the entire UConn-AAUP Executive Committee


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