Chief Negotiators Blog #26

Chief Negotiators Blog #26

Since my last Blog post, SEBAC discussions with the Governor’s office have produced a “Framework” of modifications to the SEBAC Agreement. Once the individual unit collective bargaining agreements have been settled ( such as the one we have been negotiating for two years with the University), the Framework will be brought to a Tentative Agreement (TA). This meant our local negotiations had some urgent work to do in order to reach an agreement.

On Thursday, May 25, 2017, negotiations began at 9:30 am. We provided 7 proposals to the Administration, which included Articles 13, 24, 26, Office Space, Parking, Summer and Intersession Compensation, and Compensation for Development of Online Courses. We were expecting to make tremendous progress that day.

The Administration provided proposals on Office/Research Space, Summer and Intersession, and Article 19 Salary and Benefits. There was one glaring issue with Article 19 – the amount of increase in salary for years 4 and 5 of the SEBAC agreement did not match what the UConn Administration had proposed. Where other state employee bargaining units have step levels for each year of service, faculty members do not. Each year of a step level increase is a 2% increase for those employees. Instead, faculty have 2% added to their negotiated increase. This occurred in 2007, 2009 and 2011.

We have still not received a counter proposal for Article 13 and Coaches and Assistant Coaches. It is our belief that the Administration is holding out on making proposals on these two topics until the last day of negotiations. As I indicated in a previous post, we have made a very honorable compromise to Article 13 that preserves the non-renewal status of multi-year appointed faculty and addresses an administrative concern of maintaining satisfactory performance. We look forward to discussing this across the table at our next meeting.

We have two meeting dates scheduled for Wednesday, June 7th and Thursday June 8th. It is time to wrap this up.


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