Chief Negotiator’s Blog #24

Chief Negotiators Blog # 24

The party’s resumed negotiations on Thursday February 2nd and we were immediately informed that Michael Eagen was leaving UCONN for a position in the Provosts Office at UMASS – Amherst. He expressed his thanks for the relationship that developed over the years working with AAUP and the meaningful discussions we had this year in trying to improve working conditions for faculty. Members of the Team expressed their gratitude for his dedication to UCONN, his fair approach in working with faculty, and that his departure will be a loss for the AAUP. Kelly Bannister, Staff Attorney in Labor Relations, will be replacing Mike on their Team.

The parties began working on a package of proposals that included Article 13, 24, 26 and Coaches and Trainers. (The administration has proposed to move Coaches and Trainers out of Article 13.) The progression of proposals for these articles is listed on the proposal site.

One improvement that has been proposed by our Team is to include the same language regarding Notice of Termination and Notice of Non-renewal for Coaches and Trainers, Non-Tenure Track and Temporary employees – excluding adjunct employees. That would be for annual appointments, if less than three years of employment, 3 months notice, and for more than 6 years of continuous employment, 6 months notice.  For semester appointments, the notice period would be 45 days.

For Article 24, Research Assistants and Research Associates, we made a proposal to include language  “reclassification”, which would allow for promotion through a re-classification process conducted by Human Resources.

Our proposal for Article 13 calls for, among other things, Clinical faculty to be transferred from in Article 26.

The Governor’s Budget address to the legislature will be closely watched for his request to produce savings to balance the budget.

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