Chief Negotiator’s Blog #23

Chief Negotiator’s Blog # 23

UConn-AAUP negotiating team met with the administration on December 14th and 16th. Thank you to David Knecht, Amy Kenefick Moore and Mary Gallucci for their attendance at these negotiations.

On December 14, we were finally able to reach agreement on a package of articles that included Articles 5, 10 and 16. There were many proposals that had been circulated over the past 2 months regarding Article 16. As you may be able to see from the proposals that were distributed, the administration had valued the removal of the president from transmitting AAUP recommendations on governance to the Board of Trustees and the AAUP was concerned about the non-appeal from a decision of the President/Provost on the workload reduction for AAUP officials. I think we now have a much clearer process on determining the workload reduction while maintaining the process for transmission of information to the Board.

UConn-AAUP then brought to the table for discussion Article 24 Research Assistants and Research Associates. With the recent blocking of the Fair Labor Standards Act Rule change by a Texas judge and the impact that the Rule change would have had on research assistants and associates, it became clear that changes needed to be made to this article. We discussed a potential process for reclassification by the researchers and who was meant by the term “initiator” in Article 24.4. We have not presented a formal proposal yet.

On December 16th, after a brief meeting at the table to update the administration on the PTR survey that will be going out to UConn-AAUP members in January, the parties caucused to work on other proposals. One of the proposals from the administration is on Article 29 Patent Rights. Their proposal is to change the name to Intellectual Property and to include the University’s “Intellectual Property and Commercialization Policy” in the article. Since that policy was not negotiated UConn-AAUP, we will make a counter-proposed to set up groups to evaluate the terms and conditions of employment in that policy before simply incorporating it in the contract.

Our next meeting is scheduled for February 2nd, and we will begin looking for other dates in February and March.

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