Chief Negotiator’s Blog #21

Chief Negotiator’s Blog 21

UConn-AAUP negotiating team met with the administration on November 9th and 11th for 3 hours each session.

On November 9th, UConn-AAUP opened the session by presenting a counter proposal package on Articles 5, 10 and 16. For Article 5, we proposed to broadened the number of protected classes and be consistent with university policy. There was a long discussion on how being a member of the National AAUP is a different from just being part of the UConn Chapter bargaining unit.

For Article 10, the administration included a sentence that grievance could be an appeal from certain levels of disciplinary action defined elsewhere in this agreement. They would return an answer after they had an opportunity to review the entire package. We also indicated that it was best to leave the term “aggrieved” alone as it is what everyone is familiar with. We proposed to include in Article 10-D that “any new policy that affects terms and conditions of employment will be negotiated.” We have very strong language for that in Article 8 already TA’d, but thought it wouldn’t hurt to have it in two places.

For Article 16, we were still trying to nail down acceptable language for us. In Article 16.9, they proposed to replace the President with the “Provost or his/her designee” as the final decision-maker on reduction of load for faculty to participate in AAUP activity. We objected to his/her designee and suggest a “faculty committee” instead of the Provost. They objected, insisting that the Provost should make those decision. Finally,we agreed to eliminate Article 16.10. It is inappropriate to have a faculty member as part of an administrative committee on long range collective bargaining issues.

The administration passed out a package of Articles 20, 21 and 22 for the next session.

On November 11th, Vice Provost Sally Reis presented a “Preamble” to and draft procedures for a Promotion, Tenure and Reappointment proposal. The Vice Provost had previously attempted to make changes to the Provost’s page on PTR in January of 2015 and the AAUP objected and put a halt to it until negotiations. There were many questions by the Team and we need much more time to dig deep into the proposal. The rest of the time we met as a Team working through Articles 5, 10 and 16.

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