Chief Negotiator’s Blog – Sessions #17 and 18

Chief’s Negotiator’s Blog #17/18

March 10, 2016

On March 6, 2016, President Herbst informed the University Senate that no new contracts would be brought to the legislature for approval this session. (The University, as the employer, submits the negotiated collective bargaining agreement to the legislature for approval, not the UConn-AAUP.)

As we heard from Governor Molloy on the UCPEA contract, their agreement was not in line “with the new economic realities.” This puts our negotiations in an odd position. What would the salary increase be that would be “in line with the new economic realities?” Should we continue negotiating without the ability to negotiate a compensation increase, or do we wait until the governor or the legislature indicates what the acceptable increase will be? Is there any value in continuing negotiations if the legislature will not approve any contracts?

As there are many non-economic issues currently “on the table,” your team would like to continue to negotiate in an attempt to make progress toward an agreement. When the signal is given that the legislature will accept agreements, we will hopefully be ready.

And so we spent the last two sessions working on a package of proposals, which included Article’s 13 Members of the Unit Not in a Tenure Track and 24 Research Assistants and Research Associates. Proposals were passed back and forth from both sides, but unfortunately, after 10 hours of negotiating, no agreement was reached. Those proposals have been posted on the website.

When the two remaining negotiating sessions of March 22nd and 28th were scheduled two months ago, we intended them for mediation. With the current positions of the governor and legislature insisting that no contracts be brought to the legislature for approval this legislative session, we didn’t see the need to continue with mediation and therefore converted them to regular negotiations with the administration and released the mediator from future mediation.

With the mediator cut loose, the TA’s he was holding on to were released from his possession, and we have posted them on the website. They include Article 3 Academic Freedom, Article 8 Maintenance of Procedures and an agreement for the current language on Article 4 Governance and Article 7 Board Prerogative to stay in place. Please visit the website to see signed TA’s.

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