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Chief Negotiator’s Blog

Session 15

February 16, 2016

UConn-AAUP and the administration met for three hours on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 in the Brown Building of the Depot Campus. Professor Yael Schacher, adjunct faculty member in American Studies, English and History joined us as an Observer for the session.

The UConn-AAUP negotiating team proposed to reach tentative agreements today by combining two proposals. The package included Article 11 Additions to the By-laws Grievance Procedures and Article 27 Discipline for Tenured and/or Tenure-Track Faculty.

Improvement to Article 27 was first proposed by the administration on December 21, 2016 and after two union counter proposals and two additional administrative proposals the teams were able to reach tentative agreement.

Your negotiating team secured significant gains by moving appeals of dismissal or discipline for job performance from the By-laws to the procedure outlined in Article 27, which may ultimately include arbitration. This allows for a third party to determine incompetence, or failure to meet satisfactory standards of job performance or failure to meet continuing educational requirements, or to fulfill professional commitments. Prior to this, appeals of discipline or dismissal for performance related issues were restricted to the By-laws grievance process, which would ultimately result in a decision by the Provost, President or Board.

For Article 11, the Administration initially proposed to better define that grievances arising out of the application or interpretation of the University By-Laws stayed within the grievance procedure described in the By-laws. If there is an overlap in the By-Laws and the collective bargaining agreement, the faculty member has the right to determine which grievance process they would like to pursue. At a meeting held prior to the first step of either grievance process, the faculty member must choose which procedure they would like to follow. The faculty member may, if they choose, to allow the UConn-AAUP to accompany them through the By-Laws grievance process.

We are in the process of determining additional dates for negotiations.

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