Chief Negotiator’s Blog Sessions 13 & 14

Bargaining Sessions 13 and 14

Your negotiating team met with the administration on Thursday, February 11th and Friday February 12th for a combined 6 hours of negotiating. With the 3-hour session scheduled for Tuesday, this will mean a total of only 9 hours of negotiating for the entire month of February.   These few available hours are a frustration to the negotiating team.    The team expects more progress could be made with more frequent meetings, which historically were easier to arrange.   The primary perceived difference is the newly imposed burden of scheduling with the outside counsel from New Jersey, chosen by the administration.

Over these past two sessions, the team was able to tentatively agree on two proposals.

The process to select and review a department head, Article 15, was unclear and applied differently across departments. The Team was able to make significant improvements in clarifying that process and to keep the elected members of the department in the majority and in determining the chair of the search committee.  Please read this language to see how the process has been improved.

In exchange for this language, the Team conceded the requirement that the President of the University meet with the President of UConn-AAUP, Article 9, from time to time. UConn-AAUP still has the opportunity to request a meeting with the President, and depending on the agenda, may meet with President or his/her designee

The next negotiating session is scheduled for Tuesday, February 16, 2016.

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