Chief Negotiator’s Blog – Bargaining Sessions 8 & 9

Negotiating Sessions #’s 8 and 9

December 17 2015 and December 18 2015

One thing became very clear after negotiating with the administration, Thursday afternoon and Friday morning, negotiations will continue well into 2016.

On Thursday, the administration submitted a proposal on Article 13 Members of the Unit Not in a Tenure Track that would scale back protections negotiated in 2011. Specifically in Section 13.2, their proposal calls for removing  “the grievability according to the procedures and standards for dismissal for cause” on renewal of multi-year contracts. This was hard fought by the UConn-AAUP negotiators at the time and involved concessions on the part of our members. UConn-AAUP will stand firm on maintaining this level of protection for our non-tenure track multi-year members.

The administration also submitted a proposal to move Coaches and Trainers out of Article 13 into a separate new article. Although we think this is a good proposal from the administration, we would like to meet with the athletic staff and review the proposal with them.

The administration submitted a proposal on Article 26 Temporary Employees that includes new Notice of Termination and Notice of Non-renewal clauses. They also proposed to move Adjunct faculty out of Article 13 into this article. As you will see in that portion of their submission, the administration agreed to the break in service proposal we suggested, but they also increased the number of consecutive semesters necessary to achieve an offer of a multi-year contract. Feedback on these proposals is welcome.

The administration also submitted a proposal on Article 24 Research Assistants and Research Associates, which appears to be a hybrid of Article 13 and Article 24.  Included in this article is the previously agreed upon term of Research Scientist.

Late in the session on Friday, the administration re-submitted proposals on Article 8 Maintenance of Procedures and Article 7 Board Prerogatives. There was limited explanation and discussion on these articles, but it is clear that the administration is continuing to attempt to reduce UConn-AAUP’s involvement in shared governance.

UConn-AAUP submitted a counter-proposal on Article 16 AAUP Rights. The administration submitted a proposal on 16.1 that would eliminate the President from transmitting UConn-AAUP governance recommendations to the Board of Trustees. The UCONN Bylaws clearly state that one of the duties of the President shall be to “act as the official medium of communication between the Board of Trustees, University Officials and staff members.” We think it is important to retain that line of communication to the BOT in the agreement.

We also submitted another proposal on Parking that would increase the base salary sliding scale to allow for more faculty to receive this benefit. We also suggested tying the increase to the general wage increase, exclusive of merit.

In other business at the table, we are very close to a TA on MOA #3, TA’d Article 17 AAUP Security and Payroll Deductions, as there was no changes to current language, and withdrew our proposal on Article 22 Mergers and Acquisitions on advice of AAUP counsel.

The next session scheduled for the afternoon of December 29th is with a mediator. Our attorney Brian Doyle will assist us in this process. The next scheduled negotiating session between the parties is December 30.

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