Chief Negotiator’s Blog – Bargaining Session # 5

Negotiating Session #5

November 9, 2015

Your negotiating team met with the Administration for 2 hours and 45 minutes on November 9, 2015 and we submitted counter-proposals on Evaluations, Non-discrimination, Academic Freedom and Merit. See the proposal section of the website for these proposals.  In submitting these proposals, your team was able to make clear, concise arguments on their merits, although no temporary agreements were signed.

The team was also able to submit a counter-proposal to the Administration’s attempt to eliminate MOA #3, which allows for an appeal of a negative tenure decision. A recent use of this MOA by a faculty member revealed the need for a timeline to move the process forward more quickly. Also within our proposal is a restriction to only include bargaining unit members on the Select Committee hearing the appeal.

A considerable amount of time was spent on our Merit proposal. We continue to emphasize our desire to reduce the amount of money the Provost has authority over and to eliminate his review of merit awards. Our position is that the entire negotiated compensation package should stay under the control of both parties and not given to the Provost to be able to reward faculty who he determines deserve merit. We are also suggesting he find another funding source instead of the AAUP negotiated increases to use to as a retention pool for faculty who receive offers from other institutions.

The Administration reiterated their position that Academic Freedom is not a condition of employment and not subject to the grievance/arbitration process. We emphasized the need for the faculty to be able to use every option available to redress perceived violations of Academic Freedom.

There are two negotiating session scheduled for next week, November 18th and 20th.

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