Chief Negotiator’s Blog – Bargaining Session #4

Bargaining Session #4

October 29, 2015

The parties met on Thursday, October 29, 2015 from 2:30 PM – 5:30 PM.

During this time, the administration presented a proposal on shared governance that would undo 100 years of partnership between UConn AAUP and the administration. . Although this is just a proposal, it is outrageous for the administration to even suggest this position!

In a proposal that combined several articles in the current contract, this administrative proposal portends to do the following:

  • The administration will make all matters of decisions on appointment, non-reappointment, tenure, promotion, dismissal, academic standards, budgeting, organizational structure and selection, direction and evaluation of personnel with NO input or consideration given to the faculty. The administration can implement any type of post-tenure review, or evaluation process with no mechanism of recourse through the AAUP. And they can do it whenever they want. Currently they need to bring this to the negotiations table. See Administrative proposal starting with Article 8.
  • The Dean unilaterally decides who serves on departmental search committee for Department Heads (before, this committee was partly determined by departmental vote)
  • The Dean has increased authority over department heads: “ Department Heads shall serve at the pleasure of the Dean.” See Administration Proposal Article 15-10/29/15
  • The administration will have the full force and ability to implement any policy or procedure without AAUP input or “prior discussion.”  See Administration proposal Article 8 – 10/29/15.
  • The AAUP has minimal access to the President of the University. See Administration proposal Article 9 – 10/29/15.
  • The AAUP will not be allowed to select a faculty member as an observer on any university committee related to long range planning negotiable under collective bargaining agreement. See Administration Proposal Article 16 – 10/29/15If you are denied tenure by the Provost, a crucial appeal process you are granted through the current AAUP contract is eliminated.  See Administration Proposal – Elimination of MOA #3 – 10/29/15

The negotiating team will adamantly oppose this line of negotiating and will begin to ask for your assistance in showing support for the negotiating team in not just maintaining current protections, but resolving to improve such protections.

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