Chief Negotiator’s Blog – Bargaining Session #3

Day 3- 10/16/15

“The Administration is not in a position to accept the AAUP’s proposal on academic freedom”, stated Chief Negotiator Peirano. The proposal includes making it possible for members to file a contractual grievance on violations of the principle.

The current statement in the CBA on Academic Freedom states the following:

Academic Freedom 

3.1       The Board of Trustees recognizes the paramount importance of academic freedom in an institution of higher education and reaffirms its continuing commitment to the principles of academic freedom and its protections described in the University of Connecticut Laws and By-Laws, (revised June 30, 2006).

3.2       This article on academic freedom is a statement of intent and policy and is not subject to the Contractual Grievance Procedure.

Members of UConn-AAUP made it clear in the survey that was circulated in February 2015 – protections for academic freedom must be extended to the grievance process.

Almost every faculty member across the country who is covered by an AAUP collective bargaining agreement has the right to file a grievance on a perceived violation of academic freedom. Your negotiating team will continue to fight to have this right extended to you!! We may need your support on this issue.

Also in Session 3, two temporary agreements (TA’s) were signed. One included Article 1 Inclusions, where the AAUP included a “Facility Scientist” title. The other was Article 2 Exclusions, where we were able to better define who should not be included in the bargaining unit. See the website for these agreements.

The administration forwarded two counter-proposals across the table, one on Evaluations and the other on Personnel Files. They are also on the website for your review.

The next Session is scheduled for October 29, 2015.

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