Chief Negotiator’s Blog-Bargaining Session #2

Day 2 – September 25, 2015

Negotiations began at 9:15 AM and we quickly reached agreement on ground rules. Included in the ground rules is the ability for either party to bring up to 3 “observers” in to the negotiations.  Those observers would only be able to view the negotiations sessions and not be able to take part in any of the discussions. We will set out a process in the near future for those of you that would like to attend.

The next part of the session included what might be considered “housekeeping.” Article 1 lists those titles that should be included in the bargaining unit and Article 2 lists the exclusions of the bargaining unit. There are titles that are not currently in use, as well as administrative titles that are not included in the exclusion list. A more thorough examination is necessary, with the help of HR, to determine who should be in the unit and who should be out of the unit.

We then presented a proposal to update Article 5 Non-Discrimination that included language from the Office of Diversity and Equity. Our intent was to broaden the list of classes who are covered under this article. SURPRISINGLY, the administration presented a proposal that attempts to remove the ability to file a grievance and go to arbitration on a violation of this protection.

The administration then submitted proposals on a change to Article 3 Academic Freedom and Article 10 Grievance Process. We will consider those proposals.

We then submitted changes to Article 12 Personnel Files that will allow the faculty to continue to view their personnel files in departmental offices. The administration decided earlier in the year to centralize files in HR, but an agreement was reached with the Office of Labor Relations to allow the faculty to continue to view their files in the departments. This will codify that arrangement.

We were then able to submit proposals on Academic Freedom, Student Evaluation of Teaching and Departmental Governance. All of these proposals will be available to review on the website in about 1 week.

Our next negotiating session is scheduled for October 16th.

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