Chief Negotiator’s Blog- Bargaining Session #1

Day 1- September 11, 2015

Negotiations commenced at 8:45am and after somewhat lengthy introductions, a couple of housekeeping issues were taken care of, including alternating the caucus room, time for concluding the negotiations for the day, and if and when a lunch would be taken.

It’s customary for AAUP chapters to begin negotiations with an opening statement. The statement can be found at the following link: Bargaining Opening Statement

A lengthy discussion then took place over our concern for the “end-game,” the approval of our agreement by the legislature. Being an even-numbered year, the legislature is in for a shorter session, which begins February 3rd and ends May 4th. There are 33 other bargaining units negotiating contracts for this session and we thought it was important to conclude by December 30th and get the agreement to the legislature as soon as possible.

An important distinction was made to Attorney Pierano that the faculty consider the “University” as the faculty, students, and staff, whereas the “Administration” is negotiating the collective bargaining agreement with UConn-AAUP.

The session then moved to the Ground Rules of the negotiations, a mandatory subject of bargaining in Connecticut, which for some negotiations can be straightforward, for us it took longer than expected as no agreement was reached today. It was decided to table the discussion and pick up there when we return to the table on September 25th. Once we have agreed to the ground rules we will post them on this site.

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